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Let thoughts pass by...

What is the Mindful Driving Movement?

By Founder, Joanna Mason

Mindful Driving is like relaxing into a hot magnesium bath on a cold day. It relaxes the body and mind deeply and allows physical, mental and emotional strength, to flow.

The Mindful Driving Movement brings together a wide range of people with the common vision of happier, safer, kinder roads, and communities. And as we achieve this, the ripple effect on individuals and communities can be profound. Practising Mindful Driving has helped me to be kinder on, and off the road. I feel the change in those little everyday things that pop up and I know how the previous me would have felt and acted compared with my current me. One time I noticed it when I had just enough time to pick up a couple of groceries then be somewhere. The check-out person was super slow. She chatted to the previous customer then began on my few items, rolling each one over to see the barcode before scanning and bagging. It was just like slow traffic or stopping for road works (when no-one is even working on) and you need to be somewhere. I decided not to get frustrated. We ended up having a giggle and I walked away feeling good. Another time in the car park, I helped an irritated, older man juggle his shopping bags to the car and share a joke and a warm smile. Before Mindful Driving I would have been too shy to offer help. In both these cases, we all moved on happier, because of the connection that we had just shared, and, because we knew that if one stranger cared, others care too. It's really important, because of the ripple effect our behaviour has on others. 60% of drivers have their confidence shaken by road rage. Confidence, but not arrogance, is vital to good driving decisions.


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The benefits of Mindful Driving 

expand out into the community.

Over the next few months, we are releasing a range of courses to suit you and your community. 

Each course contains a mindfulness technique to learn, explore and practice in a vehicle (or chair), to reduce stress and increase focus, by becoming present in the moment. 

The courses have been created with a lot of joy, knowledge, experience, love, and fun. 

We hope you feel this as you come on the journey with us. 

The courses are listed below in the blue rectangles with links to more information on each.


Join our newsletter to receive inspiration, news and generous course discounts.

Allow your group to become a Mindful Driving Community. Fundraising for your group, club or school..


Enjoy learning and practicing  mindfulness at your own pace. Join one of our social groups for support and inspiration.

We offer programs for workplaces that allow staff, teams and businesses to feel happier, kinder and safer.

Mindful Driving  reduces stress and anxiety in the workplace.

Offer Mindful Driving to your yoga students to compliment their practice and deepen their understanding of yoga - off the mat

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