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Mindful Driving helps you 

create space, wisdom, and connection.



Schools Course
Mindful driver individual course

Schools Courses 

For Mindful Driving Communities and Fundraising

We have had so much fun here thinking outside the square to create a unique program that allows schools to both fundraise and take the Mindful Driving Journey - with the family in the car. Participants can listen to the programs in groups arranged at the school, or in their own time while benefiting from being part of the broader school community for support and encouragement. By becoming a Mindful Driving School. you can expect to see kinder driver behaviour at drop off and pick up, as well as expanding out through the broader community. Mindfulness can enhance family connection and improve parenting by increasing patience, compassion, confidence with boundary setting, and kind assertiveness. The effect of becoming a Mindful Driving School will ripple out for a kinder, happier, safer community.

The school program is currently running for a reduced cost with a percentage being returned to the school to benefit the children's wellbeing. We would encourage Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, neighbours, and friends to participate to maximise your fundraising capacity and create a broader Mindful Driving community. Hearing that the funds have been spent on vegetable gardens, wellbeing programs, books, mindfulness programs, etcetera, makes our hearts sing.

We very much believe in what we are doing and that it can make a profound difference in communities where more people get involved, so we have kept the cost down to the bare minimum so you can enjoy the benefits of a more mindful community now

The course has a couple of parts to it for deeper learning. Firstly, watching the introduction and 'How To' video. then there are multiple-choice questions to deepen the learning and we advise practising each lesson for 10 days in a row so that it becomes a habit. The Pre and Post questionnaires let us know if we are making a positive difference towards Happier, Kinder, and Safer Communities. There is also an instruction video on how to 'sign up' to your school's course and how to do the course. It is really easy, but this helps confidence for those who haven't done an online course before. You can share it on your socials etc. so your office ladies don't have to explain it too many times :-) And remember you can hold a workshop where you play the video and practice together if that suits your school - Only for paid participants of course.  

We hope your community loves the course so much that you ask us back every term or every year to enjoy new content to develop new skills in mindfulness, stress reduction, and compassion.


Click here to send us an email to get the journey started at your school. 

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Mindful driver individual course


Learning in your own time

Introducing Mindful Driving for everyone out there who wants to improve their own life or 'be the change' they want to see on the roads. Enrol and receive all of the benefits of mindfulness by participating in 5 Mindful Driving practices, designed to be listened to in the driver's seat, prior to driving. These practices calm the mind, release anxiety, increase positive thinking, make decision making clearer and increase reflexes for some time after the practice. Recent studies show that the benefits of mindfulness last long after the practice has ended. Once you learn these techniques, you will have them to call upon for the rest of your life.

This program is currently being trialled. Contact us to receive a discounted rate and be part of our trial group.

workplace driver mindfulness course team self care

Business and Corporate

For Mindful Driving Courses for the Workplace, and Self-Care

Stress, hustle, brain fog, and fatigue are too common in our workplaces. Some social circles even have a culture around not working hard enough if you don't feel this way while at the same time pretending to be Ok! Us humans have crazy ideas sometimes. I know, I confess. I have been there - It wasn't pretty!

So we have set about creating a program to maximise clarity for good decision making, increased productivity, self-care, and positive social relations Yes, we are super proud to pack all of that into a course.

The Mindful Driving program is designed to support people to feel calm, centred, clear-minded, and happier in the workplace and in life. It works regardless of if participants drive in their work role, drive to work, or use public transport. During Covid-19 Lockdowns, it's more important than ever to look after mental health and can absolutely be practised in a desk chair. 

Classes can be run individually online, within the workplace or offered in weekly meetings. Mindful Driving can support a happy, kind work environment and support cultural change where required. For those who work in Community Services, (We love you) it is a beautiful way to incorporate 'self-care' into your day and arrive home happier, kinder, and more centred.

Mindfulness is used in many leading corporations such as IBM, Google, The AFL, the Australian Government, and Nike, to optimise brain function for greater productivity and creativity including problem-solving. 

COVID-19 has left many corporations seeking positive change in the way they do things and the way. they look after their people. Mindful Driving's benefits can be felt throughout the day, lasting long after the practice has ended. 

Contact us to find out how Mindful Driving can work for you. 

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Yoga off the mat mindfulness course

Yoga Teachers 

Mindful Driving Courses to support your students journey

Specially designed to deepen and complement an existing yoga practice, this course has all of the benefits of Mindful Driving plus yogic content.  Once we apply our yoga practice to driving, with the road as our metaphor, we have a lot of fun while experiencing the mindfulness benefits with deepening understanding. Special discount packages are available for yoga studios who are interested in forming a Mindful Driving Community. 

The program is offered online over 5 weeks with each technique being practiced for the week. Each week we send a new part of the course with instructional video, practice, and quiz to deepen learning. We will also include some bonus material to unify the yogic body, mind, and spirit as we journey together. We are so excited about this as it supports the learning you would offer in a good asana class and then goes beyond and shares science about the body we yoga teachers all learned during our YTT certifications. We hope as fellow yoga teachers you find the content supportive and inspirational in your pursuit to share knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. 

Please contact us for more information and sign up to 'News' to keep inspired.

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