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How is Mindful Driving a Gateway to Better Food Choices?

Do you want to consume food that helps you to feel healthy, clear-minded and vibrant, and enjoy it? If you are new to mindfulness, you will notice straight away that the deliberate deep breathing and awareness, takes you to a quieter, calmer space inside of yourself. Usually, the mind is so full of chatter that we do what is normal to do in our friendship circles, our minds, and our upbringing. Mindfulness allows us to hear that quieter voice from inside that says things that you don't want to hear, like "I want a fresh, vibrant juice today at tea break, not the usual.' The result may be that in your social circle you will be doing something different which can be inspirational or uncomfortable to others. Many years ago I was feeling exhausted, and life is busy to that's kind of 'normal' But I was struggling. I had begun practising mindfulness and my body was telling me that it wanted clean foods, like parsley and vegetable soup, and it was saying no to bread, sugars, and junk foods. The deep feeling of exhaustion was lifting and there were other benefits too. Many people noticed the change and my work friends all ate well so were supportive. But one evening an old friend had a go at me for saying "No Thanks' to Twisties, saying "You can't eat healthily all the time. You have to have some fun!" It was an unexpected attack on an innocent 'No thanks.' It happens all the time and takes a good Mindfulness practice not to pass your standards on to others. This applies to people who are making careful, educated choices to achieve or maintain their health goals, and those who eat for convenience and pleasure in that moment. (Perhaps it sounds ironic that someone could choose unhealthy food in the moment when mindfulness is about being 'in the moment'? The difference is that the moment that comes in mindfulness has a worldly perspective and takes your future into consideration. The non-mindful moment is not connected to your true self, your soul, or your future healthy self.) Wherever you are on your food-choices journey, be aware of how you judge others and yourself. Learn and grow from what you see yourself doing, saying, and eating. Eat what your body and soul say is food, not what your addictions want, not what others want. And most of all, be kind. 

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