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Mindfulness brings clarity to driving decisions


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does mindfulness help make our roads safer?

Doing the guided practice before you drive, brings your mind int the present moment. This increases calm confidence, reduces stress and anxiety so helps you to make better driving decisions. This could be when to go at a give way sign, when to change lanes, what speed to travel at and where to drive in the lane. Some of these decisions are low pressure and come easily. Other times there may be a large truck in the freeway lane next to you. You want to pass, but its raining and you feel stress about it. Mindfulness helps you feel ok and judge whether the driver may need a bit of your lane on the bend. 

2. How does Mindful Driving make kinder, happier, safer communities?

Mindful Driving helps people to come into their own unique centre where they are free of stress. Since stress makes people mean, becoming free of stress lets people be kinder, happier, and compassionate. Mindfulness is a tool that can take practice to get good at using. Like all skills, once you learn it you will have it for the rest of your life. Practising Mindfulness in a vehicle allows us to directly use the road journey as a metaphor for life so the lessons are so much deeper and more meaningful than learning in a classroom. 

3. How long does the course take to complete?

If you are asking this question, you probably want to benefits of mindfulness but don't have a lot of time to spare. That's Ok. We have written the programs with you in mind. It is important to us that you receive all of the benefits of mindfulness in your daily life and that you can maintain the practice long after course completion. This is why Mindful Driving is so beneficial. Driving is something that busy people do all of the time. The recordings will take a little time to listen to and practice. They will help you to understand how the techniques benefit the body and mind which is important because once you know this you will have a tool to use for the rest of your life. You are welcome to listen to them as often as you like. If you sign up for a bundle, each lesson is practised for a week before the next lesson begins. You will feel different benefits as you practice, and that the practice will go deeper. The deeper the experience, the clearer your thinking, the less time you will lose on mistakes and more pure the wisdom you discover. It's a beautiful and worthwhile process. 

4. Who can do the course? Is it suitable for beginners?

The more people who participate in this program, the kinder, happier, and safer our communities will become. So our programs are designed to deepen the journey of all Mindful Drivers and bring us all together to recognise the common values of kindness, happiness, and safety.


5. Is this course beneficial to people who already have a mindfulness practice?

This practice allows you to deepen your practice and use the road as a metaphor for real-life experience to deepen your understanding, wisdom and self-awaresnes.


6. How can I make a difference?

Stand up for kinder, happier, and safer roads and communities by completing the course, telling others about how it has helped you, and putting our bumper sticker on your car to let other Mindful Drivers know that you are one of the team, doing your best for Happier, Kinder, Safer Communities. 


7. What are the benefits of mindfulness, and how does it help drivers?

Mindfulness helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase clarity for making good decisions on the road. This practice also opens gateways to many other related health benefits in mind and body.

Have a look at the benefits here. 

8. Can I do the course if I'm taking public transport?

Yes, this mindfulness course can be applied to traveling on public transport or even flying. You will benefit by feeling calmer and more centered with the clarity of better decision making lasting through your day.


9.  What ages can do the program? Who is it designed for?

Mindful Driving programs are designed to support people of all ages. Younger children may require a toy and guidance to listen quietly with you. 

10. Can this program help reduce my stress and anxiety about driving?

Mindfulness naturally reduces stress and anxiety and increases your inner sense of wellbeing. Anytime stress levels relating to driving become high, it is best to see a professional to support your journey back to feeling safe. Mindfulness is a wonderful partner for counseling. It can support you to feel better, sooner.

11. How can I get my workplace involved?

Contact us on the email form below and we can send you some information to share in your workplace. 

12. What do you mean when you talk about positive and negative emotions and feelings?

Positive feelings and emotions hold an expansive quality. You feel safe and secure so you feel open and expand. On a cellular level, this lets the fluids flow around your body with ease. We want the fluids to flow like this so that the cleansing organs continually have a good flow through them and can take out toxins, chemicals, and stress hormones of all kinds. Negative emotions feel contractive. They change the way you hold your body. Maybe you put your head down when you feel ashamed, embarrassed, or shy. Maybe you lift your shoulders when you feel stressed. Maybe you tuck your bottom under. Whatever your pattern is, it makes the muscles hold in a posture that is aligned in a​ way that prevents the fluids from flowing freely. Toxins build-up, and cause pain. It could be in the skeletal system, the cardio system, the muscular system, the endocrine system, the organs or meridians, and other energy systems. Mindfulness helps you to become more and more aware of how, where, and why you hold stress. This helps you to consciously have a choice about letting it go. Yoga helps to reopen and align the body to let go of stress-holding patterns.

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